[hackeroid] How to donate money to Civil Hackers' School

So you are outside Russia and want to donate some money (i.e. your monthly membership) to Civil Hackers' School. You can do it by two ways, useing Bank Transfer or Western Union system. Remember, that all overhead for transfering $25 (assosiate membership) or $50 (full membership) monthly fee is on yours.

Overhead can be up to $30, so consider paying for several months at a time. After you pay us once, we can send you list of other students in your area, so that you can join the collective transfer and build your local branch of Civil Hackers' School someday.

Also be sure you understand legal status of money you send to us.

Bank Transfer

You can transfer US dollars from outside Russia. They are expected to reach us in a week. Show the following to the clerk in your bank:

Bank-correspondent: Bank of America
New York, USA,
or Bank of New York
New York, USA,
Account of bank-receiver: acc.N 6550-6-75682 acc.N 890-0061-537
Bank-receiver: ALFA-BANK Moscow, Russia,
Branch Pokrovka,
Account of receiver: 42301840000000001004 (for Russia residents)
Receiver: (reason: money donation)
Bassarguina Olga Andreevna
account number D-5366 (dollar transfer)

Be sure to carefully copy all digits, save all papers, this is money. We are taking no responsibility for your mistakes, you can loose money easily by trasfering them on a wrong account.

Western Union

Western Union is much safer and quicker money transfer system. Money will reach us in 15 minutes. You can pay today and join our practice tomorrow! This international interbank service will cost you about $15 overhead for each money transfer to Russia.

     Destination(city,country):  Moscow, Russia

     Receiver:                   first name   Olga Andreevna
                                 last  name   Bassarguina

                                 address   20-5-33 Nagornaya st.
     Will the receiver have
     valid identification ?   -- YES

Send e-mail to hscool@netclub.ru with:

Legal Things

Russian reality is funny, money relationships between private people are quite new and can make western people go crazy. Here I will describe one way, that permits us to make all the things as expected in hackers world.

Money, that you transfer, are donation to a private person, my girl-friend, student and secretary, that helps me to organize all my work. You must be aware, and ready to sign all legal papers in necessity, that your money is a gift, donation or sacrifice to this person because you like the things she and her friends does and wants her and her friends to spend that money on these things or whatever they wants.

This also means that we have no legal responsibility before you how we will use this money, and if we give you something in back, it is nothing more, than just our donation to you. Our organization is volounteer-based and can not guarantee anything, may be because of very complex and huge new Russian taxes, ;-) that makes, even after "communism", every private business here impossible. :-/

If you do not trust us, still want to have some service from us, and be defended by local Russian law, consult us personally by e-mail. We will calculate price for our services. This is expected to be three or four times more, than just regular donations, that are not force us to do anything for you by Russian law. We have not written this digits, because we are expecting for many people knowledge is better than assurence, based on Russian police system.

Also, remember, that our practice is not education. Although I work in government educational system and have registered "Hackers' Art BASIC" educational program, it will take time to licence everything. Furthermore, it is impossible to "educate" a hacker and there is no such registered in government list profession or science as "hacking".

You must be assure and write in all papers, that you just practice together computer art with those, who know more, than you, helping each other to reach perfection in computer art.

Summary: donation and together practice, in no means education and paying for it! Do not fool yourself, do not fool Russian government!

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