This is official home page of AtH, founder of Civil Hackers' School. All software here is free, in the sence of General Public Licence. If you want, look at my biography.

My programs

LIFE.ARJ -- The Game of Life. Written on 8086/88 code at 1992.
TRIP.ARJ -- Rainbow Fractal Trips. Written on 80386/387 assembler at 1998.
HYPNOICE.ZIP -- World first 128 byte psionic intro. Written on 80386 assembler at 1997.

Programs of my students

HTETRIS.ARJ -- hTETRIS by //SUE. Written on QBasic at 1999.
HTE11B3O.ZIP -- hTETRIS for OS/2 by //SUE. Rewritten to C by dsp//SUE at 1999.
VINNIE9.ARJ -- 3D effect by Vinnie. Written on Pascal+8086/88 assembler at 2000.

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