[hackeroid] Free Software Education Homepage

This is (yet) unofficial list of educational centers around the world, where you can study how to use and program on GNU and other free software packages. We consider teaching proprietary software dirty practice, like giving drugs to children.

Now we know only one such center in the World.

Moscow, Russia

hMoscow: GNU/Linux usage, GNU C/C++, GNU Assembler and GNU Pascal programming, Internet and videogames programming, Official Center for Civil Hackers School practice, Consulting.
Languages: English/Internetional(sic!), Russian
Education: Remote, Real-Life
Principal: Ilya V. Vasilyev
Phone: +7(095)162-4767
Homepage: http://hscool.netclub.ru/ru/msk/
E-mail: hscool@netclub.ru
Notes: Free education for Moscow children of school age in government classes.

If you want your educational center to be listed here, e-mail information to hscool@netclub.ru.
E-mail: hscool@netclub.ru
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